New addition to the programme for 2024 - themed Spotlight Sessions

Proposals for a Spotlight Session should bring together a geographically and, preferably, disciplinary-diverse panel of speakers and discussants to present the latest ideas on an important and topical issue in an area of trials methods research. Sessions are intended to be interactive and should promote and support constructive discussion of key topics for the trials community.

The Scientific Committee has identified key topic areas for these Spotlight Sessions. We encourage submissions for sessions that consider the opportunities and challenges for methods research in the following areas:

  • • Artificial Intelligence in trials
  • • Decentralised trials
  • • Greener trials
  • • Patient and public involvement in trials methods research
  • • Research integrity in clinical trials
  • • Trials in public health or social care
  • • Trials in low resource settings
  • Submissions for sessions on other trials methods research topics are welcome, but high-quality submissions on the above topics will be prioritised.

    We expect these sessions to include presentations and discussions that last 80 minutes. A session will likely include 3-4 presentations and could include a smaller number of presentations with a discussant, or a structured panel discussion from four different perspectives. The sessions will require a named Chair and are expected to ensure time for discussion and audience engagement (20-30 mins).

    These sessions will be offered through the same peer review mechanisms as the existing abstract submission for oral and poster presentations and submission will open on Monday 8th January 2024.

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